FAQ on Applications Developed with Visual WAO

Does the client need to install anything?

Client module is located at the client, but there is nothing to install (no registry rewriting). For client module placement, auto-deployment is available via download from URL.

Screens and components are located on the client side; if anything changes, what happens to distribution at each client?

When there are module variances due to changes of screens or components, update by automatic download from the application server is done when the client connects to WAO Service.

For example, how is load distributed from client terminals if two AP servers are used?

Visual WAO DLL provides WAO Service and distributes load according to the number of connections, by connecting to a server with fewer connections when a client connects. However, this is only based on the number of connections, and if precise load distribution is needed, please handle it using software or hardware such as a load balancer.

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