Development licensesare free!

Try to develop your own Web system using Visual Studio’s Windows Forms.

Visual WAO has two types of licenses: one used for developing systems (development licenses) and one used for execution (execution licenses).
Development licenses are free, and execution licenses can also be used free of charge for verification purposes for up to three client licenses.

Price list for Visual WAO licenses

Please select the best type of execution license according to the environment in which you will use it.
If you have any questions about pricing, or need an estimate on the best number of licenses for you, please feel free to contact us via the button below.

Category No. of Licenses Price (tax exclusive) Offer form Installation media
Development license 1 license free License agreement None
Execution licenses
Simultaneous access licenses Simultaneous access 10 Clients $1,600 License agreement None
Simultaneous access 20 Clients $3,000 License agreement None
Simultaneous access 50 Clients $5,000 License agreement None
Physical server licenses 1 CPU $10,000 License agreement None
2 CPUs $18,000 License agreement None
Virtual server licenses 2 virtual server $2,500 License agreement None
4 virtual server $5,000 License agreement None
Cloud licenses 1 Core $100/month License agreement None
2 Cores $200/month License agreement None
4 Cores $400/month License agreement None
8 Cores $800/month License agreement None
  1. The prices listed above are all shown exclusive of tax.
  2. The Visual WAO development license is for a tool that automatically generates Visual WAO DLLs, which are an I/F module for communicating between the client and the application server.
    Visual Studio is required for developing actual applications.
  3. If your server will be virtualized, in addition to a physical server license, you will require a virtual server license.
    *Using a physical server license and virtual server license will require a separate payment for annual maintenance and support costs.
  4. Cloud licenses are designed for enterprises that operate a cloud business.
  5. In cases where an application (including packaged applications and services) will be distributed and operated within an indefinable user organization, in addition to the above licenses, you will also be required to enter into a Multi-Tenant Licensing Agreement for each application.
    Type of contract: Multi-Tenant Licensing Agreement
    Price: 10,000 US$ (tax exclusive), one agreement per application
  6. The details listed in this price list are subject to change without notice.

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Many developers are giving shape to their ideas by utilizing Visual WAO to develop unhampered and unfettered Web systems.

Visual WAO Topics

Apr 10, 2015 English website for Visual WAO has been launched.
Jan 20, 2015 Visual WAO element technology has been patented in the US.
Sep 29, 2014 A new product—Visual WAO, a development tool that converts Windows Forms applications for the Web—has been released.
Jul 26, 2013 Visual WAO element technology has been patented in Japan.