Try using the free development tool to develop a Windows Forms Web system.

Visual WAO has two types of licenses: one used for developing applications (development licenses) and one used for execution (execution licenses). The Visual WAO development license is a license for a tool that automatically generates Visual WAO DLLs, which are a communication I/F modules that allow three-tiered Windows Forms applications (developed with Visual Studio) to run in HTTP.

Visual WAO Development Kits, which include a Visual WAO development license (1 license), are offered free of charge. Don’t miss out, fill out a form on the right to download the FREE Development Kit RIGHT NOW!

Details of the Visual WAO Development Kit :

  • Visual WAO Development Tool (1 development license and 3 client execution licenses are included)
  • Read this first
  • Visual WAO Folder configuration at installation destination
  • Visual WAO Development Tool Installation Manual
  • Visual WAO Development Tool Operation Manual
  • Sample programs and their documents
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Visual WAO Topics

Apr 10, 2015 English website for Visual WAO has been launched.
Jan 20, 2015 Visual WAO element technology has been patented in the US.
Sep 29, 2014 A new product—Visual WAO, a development tool that converts Windows Forms applications for the Web—has been released.
Jul 26, 2013 Visual WAO element technology has been patented in Japan.