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Visual WAO (Web Adaptable Object) is a new technology in Web system development that runs Windows Forms applications in an Internet environment.


Use Windows Forms to develop Web applications!
Achieve operability and response of C/S systems on HTTP.

Visual WAO (Web Adaptable Object) is a new technology that enables the development of Web applications that run on HTTP, by means of a development approach based on .NET using conventional Windows Forms. Utilize your development skill of C# or VB.NET to develop Web applications.

Features of Visual WAO

Web system that doesn’t use a browser

Usually, browsers are used in Web systems for exchanging information between a client and the application server in the Internet. In the Visual WAO architecture, however, browsers are not used. Instead of a browser, the Visual WAO DLL works as an I/F module to achieve the communication of binary files in the HTTP environment, thereby providing efficient and speedy response processing, and achieving the response of C/S systems in HTTP.

How Visual WAO works

Windows Forms applications work natively in HTTP

The developer uses Windows Forms in Visual Studio to develop the application by dividing up projects between the client side and the application server side. By placing a Visual WAO DLL in these projects on the client side and on the application server side, and adding a few lines of functions to the coding, it will work in HTTP as a synchronized Web application when executed. The Visual WAO DLLs can be easily and automatically generated using the Visual WAO Development Tool, which is offered free of charge. Connections or events from the client can be received and the processing results can be returned to the client, by means of the WAO Service, which is contained in the Visual WAO DLL placed on the application server side. For this reason, there is no need for Web servers (IIS), which are necessary in ordinary Web systems.

Development workflow for Visual WAO

FREE development kit

The Visual WAO Development Kit is offered free of charge, and comes packaged with a manual and sample programs. This enables developers to try developing Web systems straight away. Try for yourself to develop a Windows Forms Web system using the free development tool. Visual Studio is required.

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Who We Are

I want to revamp a C/S system into a Web system. I want to achieve a responsive Web system that is easy to use, for little cost. I want to develop a Web system that can be synchronized in HTTP... Visual WAO was developed to meet the wishes and expectations of such developers dealing with various challenges and ideas. It is a new technology in Web system development that makes it possible to natively execute Windows Forms applications in an Internet environment. It is patented in the US and Japan by Japanese company, Chepro Corporation.


Visual WAO Topics

Apr 10, 2015 English website for Visual WAO has been launched.
Jan 20, 2015 Visual WAO element technology has been patented in the US.
Sep 29, 2014 A new product—Visual WAO, a development tool that converts Windows Forms applications for the Web—has been released.
Jul 26, 2013 Visual WAO element technology has been patented in Japan.